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Today, mankind is facing extaordinary challenges in which failure is not an option.

The greatest threat facing the planet is Global Warming.

Pollution of our air.

Pollution of our oceans.

Pollution of our lakes and rivers.


Nuclear war.

Nuclear energy disasters such as:  Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, United States; the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Russia; and most recently,the nuclear plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan: are three catatstrophes which are unacceptable.

The Ebola Virus epidemic in Africa worsens everyday.

Russia today, is rolling through the Ukraine as easily as the Nazi’s did in Poland, Czechozlovakia, France and the rest of Europe.

Terrorism in disquise of Islamic extremism is threataning the foundation of todays existing world order, going to the fanatical extreme of barbaric public beheading, mutilation of female genitals, threatening the destruction of the State of Israel, the use of dirty nuclear bombs and threatening to spread the bubonic plague virus among the masses world wide.   With its ultimate goal of establishing Islamic rule throughout the world just as Adolf Hitler attempted to conquer the world through the violent over throw of the democratic world order of his day.

Those are not problems we face.

These are life threatening issues confronting us today.

The Human Slave Trade that exists in all corners of the world is a deplorable testimony of the condition of life that exists in the midst of humanity today.

The Human Sex Trade is another face of the Human Slave trade that is plied in every city in the world, including the United States.

The Drug War is benefitting organized crime, white collar money laundering billions of dollars, law enforcement agencies and prison construction industry while African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately imprisoned when compared to the caucasian population for non violent crimes associated with drug use. The attrocities are being paid for with the lives of the living, deceased and families victimized by this illegal shadow industry.

The recent summary execution of an unarmed man on the streets of St. Louis, Missouri by a police officer has brought into the living rooms of America the spectre of the militarization of law enforcement in America.



In this regard of unemployment. LookLifeAndTimes.com,  looks forward to providing employment opportunities which will be posted here at LookLifeAndTimes.com in the near future.

Here at Look Life and Times, we want to look at and face these issues facing forward in addition to using rear view and side view mirrors.

We may not get it right here all of the time, but I, Rafe Garcia, as Editor and Publisher of this Twenty First Century Free Press on Electrons, assure you that I will do everything within my power to correct any mistake, error or misinformation that may conceivably be made here at LookLifeAndTimes.com as soon as I am aprised of any error or untruth.


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